Tween Report
May 2012

We had a LOVELY day for a picnic yesterday! The TWEENS enjoyed Oak Hollow Park and we were so blessed to have absolutely beautiful weather. We had 12 awesome kids in attendance. Mr. Jeff Toops even joined us for the day to play “Giant Beachball Volleyball” with everyone and to add some comic relief for all the kids.

We had a nice picnic lunch/cookout, played all over the park and even discovered teenie pond creatures on our walk to the pond – microscopic frogs (with their new jumping legs) some minnows and 3 ducks. We finished up with s’mores and returned back at the church sweaty, dirty and happy. Thanks to the parents who donated snacks, cookies and drinks.
STAY TUNED as we are planning our next TWEENS INC event….a swim day at Crabapple Pool!

Don’t let your Tween-agers miss it!


Robin & Lori