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From the October 2006 Redstone Record
Learning to Serve
The Lessons of Hunger Ministry and Mission

First church is blessed to have housed a local Salvation Army unit in its food pantry for well over 20 years. While the church's pantry concentrates on providing food all year long to the local community the Salvation Army collects monies from local churches, community businesses, and local residents for:
Medical Bills
Utility Bills
Christmas Food Packages

85% of these offerings are provided to the local communities of:


North Huntingdon
North Irwin

the other 15% goes to the Pittsburgh Salvation Army.

The biggest source for fund raising are the bell ringers with the biggest collection time period occurring between November 1st and December 21st.

Free clothing is provided by the Deacons and the Salvation Army at Christmas time.

Both the Salvation Army and church food pantry provide bags of groceries for the needy at Christmas time.


With some peoples' situation becoming financially difficult during the holidays extra food is offered at:



If you are a person or family in need of help please call:

- or -

Donations for this local Salvation Army unit should be mailed to:

The First Presbyterian Church of Irwin
C/O The Salvation Army
617 Main Street
Irwin, PA 15642