Norwin Area Men's Prayer Fellowship

With the exception of one winter day in 2005 when the parking lot was not cleared, this group has been meeting every Wednesday morning since May 1971 at the First Presbyterian Church of Irwin. We are an interdenominational group of 40 to 50 Christian men from over 10 churches that are eager to learn more about the Bible. With the leadership of Bill Snyder, Rev. Larry Dunster, and others this group has grown from an original cast of half a dozen men.

We meet at 7:30 AM sharp till 8:30 AM in the Perry-Armstrong addition learning from the best professional leaders in our area. In addition to discovering more about the Bible, the group holds mid-week devotions, sings hymns and prays for people with needs.

After their fellowship the men gather in the social room for a hot breakfast

At 8:45 we invite you to the social room where most mornings the ladies of our church cook the finest breakfast that you can eat for a nominal donation of $5.00. What a great way to start your day. We invite you to join our group each Wednesday morning.

Staying late and talking religion and other topics are (l to r) Henry Yohman, Ted Fulem, Rev. Bill Wood and Myron Elder. Bob Holstine can be seen crossing in the background.

We do not take an offering; however, with God's leadership, and in conjunction with the Norwin Ministeriam, we sponsor 7 Wednesday noontime Lenten Services at the Fist United Church of Christ in Irwin. The clergymen who are members of our Fellowship lead the services and various members of the group provide music selections for these services.

Following each of the Lenten services, the women of the First United Church of Christ serve a luncheon for a nominal fee.