Starving people are susceptible to the cold. So while efforts are made to feed the hungry there are those who also work to help them stay warm during the cold African nights.

The Friday Night Knitting group called “Knit Wits” received a communication from Guideposts’ Knit for Kids recently.

Dear Friends,

Thank you for the beautiful sweaters you have made to help us warm the body and souls of needy children in our country and around the world. Your volunteerism through this gift has helped us make a difference in the lives of over a million children.

See your impact! View the smiles online at

It works so well when friends can get together for a social time and still contribute to someone else’s well-being! What a great way to help supply others’ needs. You deserve a pat on the back, Friday night Knit- Wits.


Colorful garments are works of art in addition to functioning as articles of mission. Lower left and below the hued patterns are shown up close.

An even closer look at the pattern (lower left) of the top Martha Pattullo is holding (lower right).

 Some of the Witty Knitsters in action are Debbie Omler (left) and Judy Baker (below).

What's the score?..

Knit 1 Pearl 2?..

The Whole Group of Knit Wits..