Saturday, May 5, 2012

The tongue is an unruly part of our anatomy, which the Bible admonishes us to control. This seminar will explore the anatomy of gossip. What is it? Why do people in every culture do it? What are the effects of gossip on a family, a community, and an organization -- even this church? Are there benefits to gossip? How do our modern technologies and social media drive or affect gossip? Come to the presentation to explore the topic and to distinguish this special form of communication from other more positive forms. The topic is a worthy one to investigate and reflect upon.


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Above left Lillian Beeson led the session with her accomplice John Smith. Right Beverly Siegel and Carol Hughes. Below left Georganne and Ray Edelman. Right Beverly Siegel and Sandy McClinton.


PowerPoint Slides from Seminar


This seminar was led by Dr. Lillian L. Beeson, recently retired, award winning, communications professor from the University of Pittsburgh. Lillian joined The First Presbyterian Church family in October of 2010 and has joined Circle 3 to enjoy the service and fellowship of that group of women. She has offered workshops on numerous topics across the country. We are privileged to have her sharing her knowledge and wisdom with us. Come join us!