College Outreach Ministry
Co-ed toting school books with yellow flowers in the foreground and red 
brick building in the backgroundArchitecture of arches
 in yellow stone with brown gridwork ceiling and the green outdoors 
showing through the openingsUp close shot of 
soldier in ceremonial dress including white gloves carrying the colors

Founded in 1987, this ministry is a way to remind graduates who would be living away from home that their church family cares about them. Each group/organization within the church is contacted at the beginning of each school year and asked to "adopt" a student or military personnel. Individual families also "adopt" these young adults. They are asked to make contact with them at least four times throughout the school year. Letters or cards of encouragement, prayers and packages are much appreciated by the students.

Through this ministry it is hoped our young members will:

while they are away from home. Members are encouraged to consider becoming involved as well as offering to become a sponsor in this worthwhile ministry.