The Reverend Samuel K. Howard
Served: 1878-1880

"..Rev. Samuel K. Howard, an energetic young minister of liberal views, and bright, pleasing address;".[1]

The Session Minutes record after an April 12, 1879 entry the following narrative of Reverend Howard, [2]:

Whilst we cannot rejoice in any special manifestation of God’s presence in our midst; whilst we are not permitted to report a large accession to our membership, yet it is a source of thankfulness that we can say, we believe that many of our members have been quickened into renewed earnestness and faithfulness in the christian [SIC] life. The attendance upon the different services of the Sanctuary Sabbath school, prayer meeting and church service, has been in the main good and is steadily increasing.
And notwithstanding the fact that some, indeed the majority of our people, have been materially affected by the stringency of the times. Yet the financial obligations of the congregation have been promptly met. Besides salary and current expenses we have defrayed a debt of some three hundred dollars, so now, we are able to report our church free of debt; and we enter upon a new year’s work with brighter prospects of success. Still our prayer is, “Lord service us”; “Lord service us”.

S.K. Howard, Pastor

Illustrated Industries of Irwin and Vicinity and their Progress and Resources, ed. Wm Gordan Bennet (Irwin: Republican, 1891), p. 73.

[2] Minutes of the Session MS. I, fol. 45.